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IBM BPM Cloud Benefits

IBM® Business Process Manager on Cloud is a subscription-based business process management (BPM) cloud service. It offers visibility and management of business processes, low start-up costs and fast return on investment. IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud provides a full lifecycle BPM cloud environment including development, test and production—with tooling and run time for process [...]

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Umero Messaging Server v6.8 Launch

Umero Communications Workflow Server v6.8 is now available to Ditium ASUP customers for free. Umero 6.8  enables system administrators to manage Umero server remotely from a web interface. New features in Umero 6.8 also include: [fancy_list style='bullet_list'] HTML 5 admin and user portals Remote administration Revamped interface Support for Windows Server 2012 and above Improved conversion [...]

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IBM BPM Case Management

IBM Business Process Manager (IBM BPM) V8.5.5 is an update to the IBM comprehensive and consumable BPM platform that provides visibility and management of your business processes. New features built into IBM BPM V8.5.5 Advanced include: [fancy_list style='bullet_list'] Basic case-management capabilities that enable knowledge workers to drive business outcomes by using a combination of structured [...]

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